Milk and Honey Distillery – M&H Staying Alive in Tel Aviv – COVID -19 Edition (55%)

The 2020 Whisky Live Tel Aviv was scheduled for March and like every other whisky event all over the world, was postponed.

Photo Credit: M&H

This expression was supposed to be the Whisky Live bottling, and once it was clear that the event was not going to be held on the alternative dates proposed for mid-May, it was offered as the “Staying Whisky a Live in Tel Aviv”, obviously invoking this:

The whisky was matured in Israeli red wine casks, and I have commented at a relatively early stage that the M&H spirit does well with wine casks. Indeed, this expression brings out both the fruitiness and the spice the spirit carries, taking it to the red fruit and wood spices in this case.

This edition is extremely limited, and has only 100 bottles produced. Each bottle is accompanied with a distillery branded face mask.

Photo Credit: M&H


Photo Credit: Yuval Goldberg

Milk and Honey Distillery – M&H Staying Alive in Tel Aviv – COVID-19 Edition, Israeli Wine Cask, 100 Bottles (55% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Deep gold, small legs rolling down off a sturdy necklace visible after long minutes.

Nose: Warm wood spices, namely cinnamon and clove, apple pie and red berries. The wine takes this expression to a very warm place on the nose. After time in the glass, some floral notes join in, with a light note of honeysuckle.

Palate: Starts out sweet , with some fruity red wine notes and a hit of bitter citrus, turning spicy and dry while keeping the citrus rind note.

Linger: Red fruit sweetness on the tongue, pepper down the gullet, and a tangy dryness on the inside of the cheeks. The finish is rather long with the fruity sweetness remaining discernable, right alongside the dry bitterness of citrus.


The M&H spirit does really well with red wine casks. You’ll recall I was following one of the earliest wine casks (cask 003) from the start. This expression is a beautiful example of the interaction of the spirit and  the wood. If you can get hold of one, it’s a lovely bottle to enjoy.

Official 5cl smaple bottle was provided by the distillery.

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