Highland Park Odin, 16 Years Old, Valhalla Collection (55.8%) – Nice Sherry Bomb

Like Thor and Freya, who got days named in their honor, Odin was known in Old English as Wōden, and got Wednesday named in his honor, so this review being posted on his day, is quite appropriate.

Odin – ruler of Valhalla, the hall of dead warriors, and father of Loki and Thor –  is the Norse god of healing and death, of royalty and of sorcery. It seems like Highland Park chose to try and put out a whisky that conveys the royalty with a full blown Oloroso sherry bomb. They succeeded in putting out a sherry bomb, but sadly, did not quite convey that royal feeling they were going for. Mind you, this is not half bad whisky, but it won’t blow your mind.

Photo Credit: marvel-movies.wikia.com

Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Marvel’s Thor Photo Credit: marvel-movies.wikia.com

And how is the whisky?

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Highland Park Odin, 16 Years Old, Valhalla Collection (55.8% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, thin and very slow legs, with droplets lazily rolling off a necklace with a lot of residue.

Nose: Almost textbook Oloroso sherry matured whisky. Sweet dried fruit notes with sultanas, dried apricots and peaches, and a hint of chocolate. You’ll also get balsamic vinegar, cinnamon and a dusty sweetness. After some time in the glass, demerara sugar appears.

Palate: Sweet and full of dried fruit (prunes are noticeable) and some wood spices (nutmeg). Palate is thick and viscous, dusty and dry. The first thought that popped into my mind is a slightly older A’bunadh.

Linger: Medium and sweet with cinnamon on the tongue and a sweet sherry sourness lingering on the tongue. The inside of the cheeks are slightly dry, and sultanas make an appearance on the tongue.


Pretty much what you’d expect of an Aberlour A’Bunadh if it were matured for a few more years. This is a fine Oloroso sherry bomb, but the £180 price tag is borderline on the value for money.

Ishai, the warriors of Valhalla salute you!! Thanks for the dram!


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