Highland Park Fire Edition (45.2%)

The Fire joins the Ice in a series dedicated to the elements of creation in Norse mythology.

I tasted the Ice Edition on Orkney, with Highland Park Appreciation Society‘s Orkney Ambassador, Ian Moir, at the wonderful Shed Bar. The Ice is a 17 year old matured in ex bourbon casks, like the Freya (but sadly is not quite as good), and is presented at 53.9% ABV, whereas the Fire edition is a 15 year old which was fully matured in (some kind of) Port casks, and is presented only at 45.2%.

Using Port casks is a first for Highland Park, but I admit to still working my way through the cask description: 100% refill Port wine seasoned casks. What are these casks? They’re obviously not Port pipes that were used to mature port, that’s clear from the “seasoned casks” part. Thus, we must assume that it refers to second fill (or third fill, but not first fill) ex bourbon casks that were seasoned in port, and then filled with new make in 2001.

With that, let’s turn to tasting the whisky.

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Highland Park Fire Edition, 28,000 Bottles (45.2% ABV, NC)

Appearance: Copper, including a somewhat reddish hue. Thin legs running off a necklace, but very little left after a few minutes.

Nose: Malty with a hint of smoke, cranberry juice, ground cinnamon and not all that much more….

Palate: Not overly full bodied, smoky and sweet, with a hint of citrus (oranges) and some wet spices.

Linger: Cinnamon and very gentle spice, hint of mint and a bit of sourness. Leave the mouth somewhat metallic and dry….


I wasn’t overly excited by the Ice, and am even less excited by the Fire. I’m not really sure went wrong, but there’s not much there. Neither the Ice nor the Fire stand up to the Valhalla series expressions, and that’s a shame.

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