Golani Vino Cabernet Oak Cask 72 (55.3%)

I like whisky in wine casks, and have reviewed the Golani Vino previously. However, it has come to my attention that the profile of the vino has changed lately, using Cabernet casks from the Golan Heights Winery. I have gotten a sample of the cask strength version from David at the distillery to try, and what can I say, it’s really gorgeous.

The Golani whisky is a two grain whisky, both wheat and malt. There’s some of the wheat softness in there, but don’t think grain whisky here, even though that’s what it is technically. This is a complex and deep expression that will keep your interest in the glass and for a while after sipping it.


Golani Vino Cabernet Oak, Cask 72 (55.3% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: The first thing that you notice is the deep bronze color. The whisky leaves a thin and sturdy necklace with very slow legs.

Nose: Red fruit, cinnamon, hints of poached pears in wine and clove, baking bread and a bit of minced mint leaves. Sultana raisins appear with time.

Palate: Sweet black licorice washes across the palate, some spice and a deeper sweetness, sort of a date honey sweetness.

Linger: Still with the sweet licorice, hints of white pepper and a tangy dryness, with warming spices down the gullet. The inside of the cheeks feel extra dry, with the wine tannins. The linger is really long.


This is really an exceptional cask, and this is going to be the new standard for the Golani Vino. What can I say other than get yourself a bottle of this at cask strength, you’ll thank me.

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