Golan Heights Distillery, Golani Batch 3 (60.1%)

This new batch of Golani from the Golan Heights Distillery is really well made.

Golani is the Golan Heights Distillery’s basic offering. It’s a two grain mash (malted barley and wheat) filled into the distillery’s two main cask types: Charred virgin American oak (see notes of a Golani Black single cask here) and Red wine barriques (see notes of single cask here), for a minimum of three years.

I have tasted the previous batches of Golani, and I think this batch is tighter around what each of the casks brings to the table. David really paired these two casks well, and the Golani batch 3 really delivers. How much is it in Israel? 140 ILS for the 40% version and 210 ILS for the distillery exclusive cask strength which I’m reviewing.

So, let’s get tasting:

Photo Credit: Golan Heights Distillery

Golan Heights Distillery, Golani Batch 3, 3 Years Old, One French Oak Cabernet Cask and One New Charred American Oak Cask. Yield 764 bottles (714 at 40%, 50 at 60.1% only at distillery) (60.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, with a reddish hue. Very sturdy necklace releasing thin legs.

Nose: Warm wood spices, toffee, vanilla, red fruit (namely blackcurrant and raspberries), burnt butter and panna cotta.  Water brings out strawberry short cake and harks back to the grain.

Palate: Pepper, honey and cinnamon, with a fruity substance and hints of mint. There’s just a bit of the iconic Golan Heights licorice, but it’s really toned down in this batch. A drop of water brings out dulce de leche and takes the sweetness down seriously. I think that the 40% version might not exhibit the same “desserty” qualities the cask strength edition has.

Linger: Toffee covered red apple, nutmeg, hits of clove, sweet concentrated caramel pudding.  A bit of water adds in pepper and yet keeps a fruity sweetness. The finish is long and warming.


This is a mature whisky (yes, it’s 3, but it’s not “young”), with some big and complex flavors. I really like the combination of the wine and the virgin oak casks, it brings some big flavors and aromas to the whisky, which is the idea of Golani, combining the Black and the Vino.

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