Golan Heights Distillery, “Brewer’s Whisky Spicy Hummus” (50%)

Whisky lovers are always on the lookout for interesting things, and while this isn’t technically a whisky, this is one I think you’ll find very interesting. 
David Zibell is really into experimentation, and here’s an experiment that went pretty well. Working with a local beer brewery, Meadan Brewery, he distilled their gluten free malted chickpea ale. The result is obviously not whisky under any definition, yet is exactly the type of new product that will hold the interest of whisky aficionados, being quite close to quality rum and whisky in the suite of flavors.
The ale itself is made of water with malted chickpea, date honey, brown sugar, hops and yeast, which explain the apparent closeness to rum. It’s sold as a gluten free ale in Israel, and has 4.8% ABV as ale.

Photo Credit: Arkadi Raskin

Golan Heights Distillery, “Brewer’s Whisky Spicy Hummus” Distilled Chickpea Ale from the Meadan Brewery, Matured 2 Years (50% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Burnished copper, slow legs leaving a considerable amount of droplets.

Nose: Dates, orange blossom, vanilla, the hops are detectable on the nose, mineral cleanliness, and after a bit of time the chickpea earthiness.

Palate: Sweet hit, then a wave of spice which increases, mostly black pepper, but also some cinnamon. The mouth is mostly spicy, but you can definitely get the charred oak

Linger: Dry and tangy, with citrus peel and a ring of spicy pepper around the gullet. A bitter “hoppy” hint in the mouth, with ginger and some honey.


Other than being designated “whisky”, which it obviously isn’t (hence the “Brewer’s Whisky” designation), this is quite interesting stuff, straddling a fine line between the highly innovative and the very well made. In fact, it’s interesting enough to merit getting a bottle.

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