Golan Heights Distillery – Brewer’s Whisky BBX Amber (50%)

The second installment in Golan Heights’ Brewer’s Whisky is a distilled amber ale produced by Golan Brewery. Their Bazelet beer, is commercially available all over Israel, and they operate a restaurant at the visitor’s center in Kazrin, which is basically the commercial center of the Golan region, housing also the Golan Heights distillery and the Golan Heights Winery.

Golan Brewery

While the first two expressions came out in a pretty quick succession (we had the Spicy Hummus out last month – see the review here – and the BBX out just now), the next Brewer’s Whisky expression is six months out, as David is now finishing the next Brewer’s Whisky in an ale cask sourced from Israel’s Beer Bazaar. Like the two current expressions, it was matured for 24 months in an ex Golani cask but is now spending six months being finished in an ale cask.  Thus, not only are we looking at distilled beer, it’s also going to be finished in an ale cask, à la Jameson Caskmates or Glenfiddich IPA.


Photo Credit: David Zibell

Golan Heights Distillery, “Brewer’s Whisky BBX Amber” Distilled Amber Ale from the Golan Brewery, Matured 2 Years in an ex Golani Black Barrel (50% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Burnished copper, legs run intially fast, then the residual droplets peel off the necklace very slowly.

Nose: Orange with a hint of licorice, clove, honey, with a “hoppy” freshness. There’s a bright vanilla, and a hint of coffee beans, and some fresh green leaves.

Palate: The hops are the first wash, then a warm spice with that bitterness all over the mouth. It’s very peppery, but the black pepper is toned down in the “burn” more to flavor.

Linger: Bitter and hops, with a sweetness not unlike the foam of the beer. The linger is long and warm, very spicy in the gullet, with a hint of dried apricot roll (leder). After some time, there’s a a very “beer” like note mixing with the sweetness and spiciness.


This expression is much less on the dry side than the first release. I’m of a good mind to go out and pick up a bottle of the Bazelet Amber and taste them together…

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