Golan Heights Distillery, Brewer’s Whisky 3, ‘OMG, this is Goood!’ (50%)

David Zibell’s innovation is great, and he’s continuing his ongoing work on distilled beer matured in oak casks, or Brewer’s Whisky. Thus, following the Spicy Hummus (Brewer’s Whisky 1) and the BBX Amber (Brewer’s Whisky 2), we now get OMG cask finished brewer’s whisky. This whisky is one third of the parcel which made the BBX in January 2018. That was Golan Height Brewery Bazelet Amber Ale, distilled and aged for 24 months in Golani casks. This third was then finished for seven more months in OMG casks. The last third, due out after 12 months of finishing, will have a cute feature that I’ll tell you all about in five months or so 😉

So, you ask, what is an OMG cask?

Follow closely now, as this is a bit complicated. The OMG casks are ex Golani casks that have been sent to the BeerBazzar Brewery to barrel age some of their ale. BeerBazzar then returned them to Golan Heights distillery. David divided the returning casks into three groups: Group 1 got thoroughly washed, group 2 got a light rinse, and group 3 was emptied of beer and not washed. I’ll mention that one of those casks had a small catch, but that’s part of the next release, so we’ll keep that under wraps for now. He then filled the two year old distilled Golan Heights Brewery’s Amber Ale from the ex Golani casks into these casks, dubbing them OMG.




Golan Heights Distillery, Brewer’s Whisky 3rd Edition “OMG, this is Goood!”, Distilled Amber Ale Matured in Golani and Finished in OMG Casks (50%)

Appearance: Deep amber, sturdy necklace and thin legs.

Nose: A lot of freshness, orange blossom and orange juice. Some hoppy bitterness on the nose, apple cider and some oak. Time in the glass brings up some sourness, an apple vinegar sourness. Throughout, however, you still get that fresh and fruity nose.

Palate: Fruity, with apples, honey and a hint of strawberry sherbert. You get the hops in there, and could mistake this easily for Calvados.

Linger: Hops and fizzy fruit are on the tongue, light white pepper, and an overall sweetness in a medium finish. There’s a pleasant dryness in the mouth.


I liked the Hummus, I really liked the BBX, but darn, this OMG is just that!

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