Glenfarclas 1956 Oloroso Casks – Stunning Sherry Bomb

Glenfarclas needs no introductions, nor do their dream drams at The Whisky Show.

Following last year’s 1966 Fino Cask (you can read the review here), the dream dram this year was a decade older, from 1956. This expression is to commemorate the second generations of Grants, carrying a plaque with the picture of George Grant (the first of three successive generations to carry the name George, albeit not due to a planned forsaking of the other traditional family name – John). This George Grant is the great grandfather of today’s chairman, John Grant. Sadly, he outlived his father, John Grant, by only one year, and left Glenfarclas to his two sons: John and George. I guess their story, getting the distillery through the hardest of times following the Pattison affair will be a story told next year, over a dram of the third release in the series.

This expression is comprised of two Oloroso sherry hogshead and one sherry butt. Cask 1762 was distilled 1.6.1956, cask 1774 on 5.6.1956 and cask 2356 was distilled on 30.10.1956. The expression was bottled on July 15th 2014, making this expression 57 years old. There are 660 bottles in the outturn.


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Glenfarclas 1956 Oloroso Sherry Casks, 57 Years Old, Casks 1762, 1744 and 2356, Vintage 1956, Bottled 2014 (47.5% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Deep bronze, thin legs.

Nose: Old leather, dried apricot, compote, the nose is somewhat reluctant. Notes of stone fruit – peaches and fresh plums – with a hint of mango. Wood spice with nutmeg and clove with hints of white pepper.

Palate: Fresh orange, leather, cloves. The whisky is very dry on the palate with notes of ripe summer fruit and blackcurrant.

Linger: Longish and fruity with a hint of spice in the back of the throat.


This is a proper sherry bomb, with that lovely dry old sherry feel. This is a very different animal from the 1966 Fino casks, hitting completely different notes. Beautiful whisky!

Torben, thank you for sharing this dram! It was a true beauty!!


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