GlenDronach 1995, Cask 3240 – Sultanas Basking in Prune Juice

GlenDronach and BenRiach release a batch of single casks every few months, and act as their own “independent” bottler, bottling exclusive casks for stores, markets and clubs, but maintaining their own labels on the bottles.

This particular bottling is a UK market exclusive, which I would dub, in SMWS style “Sultanas Basking in Prune Juice”. Good stuff……

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GlenDronach 1995, 19 Year Old, Pedro Ximénez Puncheon 3240, UK Market Exclusive, Distilled 21.7.1995, Bottled September 2014, Yield 554 Bottles (52.5% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Dark bronze, viscous with slow droplets running off a lot of residual droplets.

Nose: Dried fruit, balsamic vinegar, sultanas, fruit compote and spices with clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Palate: Sweet PX, prunes, touch of smokiness, syrup, hint of cumin and a drying quality.

Linger: Warm and sweet, spicy nutmeg, a deep sweetness on the tongue, tangy and spicy in the back of the throat.


You know it’s good whisky, as are all these single casks from GlenDronach. I will say that it seems that these single casks have a sweet spot around this 19 year mark. This actually makes sense, if you stop to think about it as this is enough time to really mature but not enough to pick up the old wood bitterness you find in many older whiskies which is an acquired taste for many people.

Tasted at Wines and Flavors, Slainte Osher!


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