Glen Garioch 15 Sherry Cask Matured (Travel Retail) – 53.7% – Whisky Review

I’m partial to Glen Garioch, as you already know if you read my review of the 12 year old. Not being a big fan of either Bowmore or Auchentoshan, I’m glad Glen Garioch gave me a distillery I can not only drink, but actually consider myself a fan of, in the Morrison Bowmore portfolio.

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Until recently, UK travel retail stores featured Glen Garioch single cask bottlings, and a more widely available Small Batch 1997 Vintage graced travel retail stores, before migrating into the general market, with a batch 12 from 2012 still around here and there. The 1797 Founder’s Reserve, the 12 Year Old and the 15 Year Old Sherry Cask Matured are the current travel retail offerings.

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Glen Garioch Oloroso Sherry Cask – Travel Retail Exclusive (53.7% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Copper, very slow legs suggesting a very viscous liquid.

Nose: Lovely sherry nose with very fresh dark blackcurrant and dried fruit. Milk chocolate, a condensed sweetness like Eastern European Powidel (prune jam), a slight sherry tartness and loads of sultana raisins. Also, you get the strawberry sauce you sometimes get in ice cream parlors over vanilla ice cream. After some time, wood spices come through. There’s also some dryness in the nose. This is the perfect sherry nose.
A few drops of water bring out more spice

Palate: Thick and full bodied, On the palate you get dried fruit and sharp cinnamon with some dry and sweet notes on the tongue. A hint of heather honey, with a touch of clove and wood dryness. A few drops of water make it much dryer

Linger: Dried fruit and a slight tartness, the front of the mouth remains sweet while the back is awash with gentle wood spices. The finish is very dry, and remains with you for a long time, keeping the insides of your cheeks slightly tart. After some time, chocolate comes through in the mouth.


If you like sherried whisky,  this one’s a no brainer.  This is a beautiful expression, which you’ll definitely want to pick up on your way hither and yon. It’s sold in UK travel retail for £65 and at least one Dutch store has it for €100 (or £75),  placing it right on par with similar expressions,  like the Tobermory 15.



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  1. Jim Gibbs says:

    Like Glen Garioch very much. Just opened a bottle of their 15 yr Sherry Cask. The nose was dark with a blast of sulphur. My first taste was iffy but time and some water caught my interest. Think I will like this very much but Glendronach 18 yr is a bit better?


    Hi, thanks for your blog !

    I’m de french whisky lover . I have a question for you
    Does the fantastic “glen garioch 15 YO sherry cask matured 53,7°” is a cask strength whisky ?

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