Fèis Ìle Bowmore Open day – Tasting the Bowmore Fèis Ìle 2014

Bowmore open day is today, and we honor the self proclaimed oldest distillery on the island with a dram of the 2014 Fèis Ìle bottling.

Photo Credit: www.ews2006.se

Photo Credit: www.ews2006.se

This was a particularly good selection of casks, which shine even through the relative youth of the whisky. The Bowmore Small Batch seems to be of a similar age, but doesn’t even come close to this one, due not only to the 16.1% higher alcohol.

The 2015 bottling is matured in virgin oak casks, and it would be interesting to see the interaction between the spirit and the new oak.

Photo Credit: www.thegreenwellystop.co.uk

Photo Credit: www.thegreenwellystop.co.uk

Bowmore Fèis Ìle 2014, 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon American Oak Casks, 1000 Bottles (56.1% ABV)

Appearance: Straw, quick forming yet slow running legs.

Nose: Young and spirity, full of Bowmore fruit (apples and pears and some notes of the tropics), spices, this is unmistakably Bowmore. Leaves in the forest after the rain and Play-Doh.

Palate: Sweet citrus, peat, honey. Not overly complex with some bitter notes found on tongue.

Linger: Grapefruit or Pomelo, peat, honey with some light peat down the throat. The finish is rather long.


One of the Bowmore expressions I found more palatable. I’m trying to work out the difference between this expression and the horrendous Small Batch, as they’re similar in age and both ex-bourbon cask matured, filled from the same new make. Obviously, it’s the casks, but these two expressions really are worlds apart.


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  1. Riadus says:

    indeed a fine blend. one of the best islay blends.i also seem to like Islay mist in the same catgeory which is more influenced by Laph.slainte!10x for the intercept on twitter and the link. i love your site.

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