Deanston 2002 Organic Oloroso Cask Finish, 16 Years Old (50.6%)

Following yesterday’s 2006 Fino, we move on to the second of the three Deanston offerings is a 16 year old Organic Oloroso. This isn’t Deanston’s first foray into Organic whisky, and we had a 15 and a 14 year old organic offering. Since the 15 year old was released in 2016 and the 14 year old in 2017, the math brings us to 2019 with a 16 year old.

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The organically certified 15 year old was limited to Germany and travel retail, while this 16 year old Oloroso finish Limited Edition is (still) widely available.


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Deanston 2002 Organic Oloroso Cask Finish, 16 Years Old, 528 Bottles (50.6% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Deep gold, with a very sturdy necklace.

Nose: Nice. The nose starts with a honeyed sweetness, followed by a hint of sherry vinegar and dried apricots. There’s a hint of sweet white wine, against a backdrop of blackcurrant and dried cherries.

Palate: Pepper mixed with a nice red wine, washed down with a sip of apple juice. Chicory coffee and some subtle chocolate with a drizzle of red fruit coulis.

Linger: Spicy in the gullet, with a dryness in the back half of the inner cheeks. The fresh fruit sweetness mixes with a hint of malt.


This dram is very well crafted, developing layer after layer. From the sweet maltiness to the fruitiness.
This is a great sipper, that will keep unfolding in the glass and the mouth.

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