Cadenhead’s Bladnoch 23 – Lowlands from the Old Guard

Bladnoch is a Lowlands distillery that had been closed in 1938 and has been changing hands since. Brought back into operation in 1956 it changed ownership five times, ending up in Diageo’s predecessor’s hands and was later sold to the current owner Raymond Armstrong on the condition that the distillery not produce more than 100,000 litres, which is nowhere near enough to make it a leading distillery.

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This expression was distilled in 1990, while Bladnoch was still owned by United Distillers (Diageo’s predecessor). Only recently did the spirit distilled by the new ownership make it to the stores – with expressions 10-12 years old. I have yet to taste any of those, and look forward to.


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Bladnoch Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection, 23 Years (48.5% ABV, NCG, NC)

Appearance: Straw, fast thick legs, leaves a ring around the top or the glass.

Nose: Clearly Lowland – flowers, apple vinegar, vanilla, hay, open fields. A drop of water increases the apple vinegar and brings out some red apple.

Palate: Flowers with mild sweetness. Wood tannins are appearant and the spice comes through – allspice with notes of black pepper.

Linger: Spice on the tounge with a medium finish.



Not the most complex whisky I’ve come across, and the apple vinegar is rather dominant, but a good dram nevertheless.

I look forward to tasting the new products that were distilled post 2000, as they are basically a craft distillery, albeit one that will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2017.

5 comments on “Cadenhead’s Bladnoch 23 – Lowlands from the Old Guard
  1. manndl says:

    we will see if they can reach 200 years.i´m fairly sure the sell of bladnoch (to arran)fell through and i´m sure they don´t produce right now.

  2. Yes, things don’t look too promising at the moment…

  3. Nick says:

    Have admired Bladnoch for a long time – does anyone know who it has been sold to?

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