A Special Finish Aberlour

Aberlour is really big in France, and this, like most of the distillery’s special releases are geared exclusively for the French market (although they can be had in some other markets), including a 12 year old that’s non chill filtered. I have yet to taste the non chill filtered 12 year old, and I hope to come across is in the near future. Of course, for maltheads the now 51 batch strong A’bunadh is a staple in any sherry bomber’s cabinet.

Photo Credit: whisky-inside.com

Photo Credit: whisky-inside.com

This expression, takes the standard 10 year old, made with a mixture of bourbon and sherry casks, and then finishes it in sherry casks, to let the sherry become more dominant.

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Photo Credit: thewhiskyexchange.com

Aberlour 10 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish (43% ABV)

Appearance: Mahogany, Thick and slow legs.

Nose: Sherry spice is the first thing that hits the nose, with an underlying sweetness, suggesting honey and some of the younger Aberlour perfume.

Palate: Sweet sherry, warm cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange peel, some pepper and an almost rum like sweetness.

Linger: Spice and sweetness on the tongue, some spice on the back of the throat in a medium finish.


Nice layer of sherry over and already good basic entry level whisky. This expression would be interesting to compare with the current 12 year old sherry cask matured.

Manny, another one of your drams hits the spot!

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  1. manny says:

    i´ll send the 12y sherry cask next time.
    but sadly it isn´t a match for this one in my eyes…

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