1952 Glenlivet – Gordon & MacPhail’s new Private Collection Ultra – Part 2

This is part 2 of a four part series on the Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection Ultra masterclass at the London Whisky Show. If you didn’t catch part 1,  you can read it here.

The 1952 Glenlivet was chosen by the branch that didn’t make it to London for the show, Ian Urquhart and his son Neil and daughter Jenny. The whisky was presented by whisky writer Jonny McCormick, who also wrote the official tasting notes for G&M.

Photo Credit: Mark Gillespie WhiskyCast.com

This 62 year old started out in a first-fill sherry butt, and spent 17 years in it before being transferred into a sherry hogshead in 1969. I think I’m actually going to score this one as a birth year dram for me 🙂

This barrel produced 69 bottles, and is the second lowest ABV of these four old folks with 43.4%.

The bottles are priced at £6250 each, and some stores, such as The Whisky Exchange, only sell all four together, a purchase that will set you back £25,000.

1952 Glenlivet1952 Glenlivet, G&M Private Collection Ultra (Sherry Hogshead 69133 – since recasking in 1969) 69 Bottles in Total (43.4% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Bronze, thin legs leave a distinct ring on glass.

Nose: Fresh fruit (hints of the Glenlivet , orange, old leather, apricot jam, a hint of balsamic vinegar and a whiff of smoke.

Palate: Oranges, old leather and dusty spices in a mouth filling and mouth drying delivery.
Linger: Dusty citrus, long orange notes, dryness on the tongue with a “dusty” feel.


 This dram has all that “old library” ancient sherry note I so love. On its own, this would be a total killer. Sadly, as is the way of high end tastings, some amazing drams lose their luster to the even more stunning drams, and those two are coming up in the next two days  🙂




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