May 142014

Säntis Malt Swiss Highlander Whisky – Edition Dreifaltigkeit (Cask Strength) Peated –  Whisky Tasting NotesSäntis Malt Swiss Peated Whiskey

This NAS peated whisky is like nothing we’ve tasted coming out of Scotland. This is something entirely different, honoring the Alps in a very pine-y way. The peaty flavor makeup is different both from Islay and from Highland peat, and is well worth experiencing. This is a dram for a cold winter night, sitting in front of a fire, preferably with your neighbors yodeling in the background.

Säntis Malt Swiss Highlander Whisky – Edition Dreifaltigkeit (52% ABV)

Color: Deep Bronze.

Nose: Doused out campfire, roasted persimmon and chestnuts, pine sap (the pine sap is enhanced with water). Under the smoke, there’s young whisky.

Palate: Malt and pine, wet firewood, warming peat.

Finish: dry and smoky, very pine dominated.

This is, basically, like peated whisky aged in a pine cask, and had this been an SMWS bottling,  it would have been dubbed “Bears Dancing in an Alpine Forest”