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Photo Credit: http://www.ardbeg-whisky.ch/

Photo Credit: http://www.ardbeg-whisky.ch/

As Ardbeg craze goes into high fever with the announcement of the release of the newest release for 2014 Ardbeg  Kildalton, I’ll go back to the Supernova for a quick Dram.

The Supernova is the most peated expression by Ardbeg, peated to over 100 ppm and is highly popular with the “Ardbeg heads”, with a very good reason.

Ardbeg Supernova, 2nd Release (SN2010) (60.1% ABV, NCF, NC)

Color: Light straw, long legs and lots of droplets on glass.

Nose: Very Ardbeg-y peat with the lemon found in the 10 with a mineral cleanliness. Also some fresh apricots and something earthy and damp. Water softens the peat and highlights the lemon.

Palate: Very sweet intense peat, with a bite on it. There’s lemon and ash and the alcohol burn is very much felt. With water, more lemon and even sweeter peat with the malt showing itself.

Linger: VERY long linger, all the way down. The peat remains dominant with some bitter notes on the sides of the tongue and a sweetness in the middle of it.

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