May 292016
The Circus - Compass Box Blended Whisky (49%)

Not very much is actually known about three of the four parts of the whisky that makes up The Circus. I thought that this was just a lack of information, but it seems that John Glaser decided to back off a bit from his frontal war with the SWA, as the accompanying sample, of the [Read full post…]

May 282016
Ardbeg Galileo 1999, 12 Year Old (49%)

With the 2016 Fèis Ìle Festival drawing to a close, we celebrate Ardbeg’s open day with a tasting of the whisky which, to me, is close to the epitome of the beauty of Ardbeg’s spirit. The Galileo was released to celebrate some Ardbeg spirit being sent up into space to study the effect of zero [Read full post…]

May 262016
Kilchoman 10th Anniversary Release (58.8%)

With the Inaugural cask filled in December 2005, Kilchoman’s first decade of operation paints a very bright path for other start up operations in the whisky business. The distillery has set new standards, and new price levels, for young whisky that does not hide its age in any way. In fact, Kilchoman doesn’t do NAS. Just [Read full post…]

May 242016
Laphroaig 30 Year Old - First Bottling (43%)

As part of our run up to Fèis Ìle here, our Malt Mongers Israel Whisky Club had a conference call with John Campbell during a Laphroaig themed meeting held last Wednesday. Responding to my question about age stated whisky, John revealed that later this year Laphroaig will be releasing a new release of a 30 year [Read full post…]

May 232016
Caol Ila Unpeated 17 Year Old - 2015 Special Releases (55.9%)

One of the yearly features of the Diageo Special Releases since 2006, arriving on Islay like the Barnacle Geese from Greenland just before the winter, is an unpeated Caol Ila. The releases vary in age, from NAS to the 8 year olds released in 2006 through 2008, with 2009 seeing it at 10 years old. The age [Read full post…]

May 222016
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2007, 8 Year Old - CC:01- Cognac Casks (57.8%)

Today is the Bruichladdich open day on Islay, and we celebrate it taking a look at the old Port Charlotte Distillery and with a tasting of a wonderful new Port Charlotte in Cognac casks. Port Charlotte Distillery was also known as the Lochindaal Distillery. It was established in 1829 and was operated under a succession [Read full post…]

May 212016
Lagavulin 16 Year Old - Fèis Ìle Lagavulin Open day 2010 (52.7%)

It’s once again the first day of the Fèis Ìle festival, which makes it time to taste a Lagavulin in celebration. Last year, I tasted the 2014 Festival bottling, but have somehow missed the 2015 release. I’m sure a sample will turn up eventually, but this is a good opportunity to reach back to the 2010 edition of the [Read full post…]

May 202016
Tobermory 42 (47.7%) - Whisky Review and Full Details of the Release

Just before we delve into the Fèis Ìle week celebrating Islay malts, I have an update on on of the most outstanding of my drams of 2015. Back In December 2015, one of my birthday drams was a precious sample of the Tobermory 42, which wasn’t released at the time. You can find the original post [Read full post…]

May 202016
Aberlour 16 Year Old, First Fill Sherry Cask 4738, TWE Exclusive (53.5%) - Whisky Review

I was happy to get this sample from The Whisky Exchange for two reasons: First, well, I love sherry bombs. Second, I have a warm spot in my heart for Aberlour. Not so much for the regular releases (although the 12 year old Non Chill Filtered is presented at a nice ABV – 48% – [Read full post…]

May 172016
Highland Park 1999, 16 Year Old, Gordon and MacPhail TWE Exclusive, Cask 4260 (56.6%)

When you think of Highland Park, you immediately think of the gentle peat and sherry combination so characteristic of the most northern of major whisky distilleries in Scotland. Indeed, whereas over 90% of Scotch whisky is bottled in ex bourbon casks, Highland Park has sherry maturation as one of its five keystones. Additionally, Highland Park [Read full post…]