Jun 222016
Amrut Spectrum (50%) - Whisky Review

Innovation is not limited to technology in Bangalor, the heart of India’s silicon valley. Amrut has positioned itself at the cutting edge of whisky innovation. The distillery was founded in 1948 by JN Radhakrishna Rao Jagdale. India is the world’s biggest whisky market, but most of it isn’t what you and I would consider whisky, as it’s [Read full post…]

Jun 172016
Glen Garioch 15 Year Old 1998 Wine Cask Matured (48%)

My personal affinity for Glen Garioch whisky is no secret. I like that almost everything coming out of the distillery is age stated (there are only two exceptions – the 1797 Founder’s Reserve, which is for some reason not age stated, but not priced significantly lower than the 12 year old (reviewed here) and the [Read full post…]

Jun 132016
Dailuaine 7 years old - Douglas Laing Provenance (46%)

Dailuaine is one of those background distilleries you rarely hear about, until you come across a Special Release (like the 34 year old released in the 2015 batch) or a nice single barrel of the stuff. This is a blender’s distillery, serving as Diageo’s producer of character whisky for their blends. The distillery does not [Read full post…]

Jun 102016
Scallywag Cask Strength #2 - Douglas Laing Remarkable Regional Malts (54.1%)

This blog was, from its inception, fascinated with malt blends (don’t you wish we could still call them vatted malts, which is really the proper name for them). The reason for that is that when put together well, you can you can enjoy a whole ensemble of influences, rather a solo player. Indeed, when all [Read full post…]

Jun 082016
Glenmorangie Milsean - Private Edition VII (46%)

This review brings the blog up to date on the Private Editions. The Private Edition is a series of annual releases that are off the beaten path of Glenmorangie’s work in some way. The Sonnalta PX highlighted Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, and the second release, the Finealta, tried working off an old recipe, complete with peated barley. The next [Read full post…]

Jun 062016
Glenmorangie Private Edition VI - Tùsail (46%) - Just How Influential is the Barley on the Whisky?

While five of the seven Glenmorangie Private Editions were about the casks (Sonnalta PX, Artein, Ealanta, Companta and Milsean – to be reviewed tomorrow) and the Finealta showcased the peat, Tùsail is all about the strain of barley used for mashing. But how much effect does the strain of barley used to make the whisky have on the [Read full post…]

Jun 012016
GlenDronach 12 Year Old, Green Welly Stop, Cask #4102 (55.2%)

The Green Welly Stop is celebrating 50 years of operations, and did so with a series of three private bottles, two of which were GlenDronach single casks. The other bottle, the second release, was an Arran. The first GlenDronach was 2003, a smidgeon under 12 Years, distilled 5th March 2003 and bottled January 2015 bottled at [Read full post…]

May 312016
Enlightenment - Compass Box Malt Blend (46%)

Now this is a more standard Compass Box malt blend, all matured in, mostly in first fill American standard barrels with the requisite Clynelish (48.2%) – always to be expected from Compass Box, with quite a bit of a far less common Glentauchers (36.7%), and a little bit of Balblair (10.8%) and Mortlach from a rejuvenated ASB [Read full post…]

May 292016
The Circus - Compass Box Blended Whisky (49%)

Not very much is actually known about three of the four parts of the whisky that makes up The Circus. I thought that this was just a lack of information, but it seems that John Glaser decided to back off a bit from his frontal war with the SWA, as the accompanying sample, of the [Read full post…]

May 282016
Ardbeg Galileo 1999, 12 Year Old (49%)

With the 2016 Fèis Ìle Festival drawing to a close, we celebrate Ardbeg’s open day with a tasting of the whisky which, to me, is close to the epitome of the beauty of Ardbeg’s spirit. The Galileo was released to celebrate some Ardbeg spirit being sent up into space to study the effect of zero [Read full post…]