Jul 062015
A Benrinnes Sherry Bomb!

I think Benrinnes is one of the distilleries with the largest number of unaware drinkers in the world. You get some Benrinnes in every bottle of Johnny Walker, thus by exension, it has a huge number of drinkers. Yet, I’m not sure that every malthead had the opportunity to have a Benrinnes single malt, as the [Read full post…]

Jul 042015
Born in the USA - Celebrating the 4th of July with the Whisk(e)y Geek's Bourbon

Malt and Oak will have a double celebration today, as we’ll celebrate July 4th with an uncommon occurrence here, a Bourbon review, and a toast to Jim Rutledge, who will be retiring from Four Roses in less than two months. Jim has been at the helm for 20 years, and is single handily responsible for the [Read full post…]

Jul 032015
The Balvenie's Strange Overpriced 25 Year Old

The Balvenie is one of those distilleries that geeks love to love. In William Grant and Sons’ infinite understanding of their market they are about to roll out the second batch of the Tun 1509 (Batch 1 reviewed here) – the über-geeky whisky with a map of individual cask influence. Between the move to the [Read full post…]

Jul 012015
Second Oldest Oban Ever Officialy Bottled - An amazing Oceanaside Sherry

Oban is a really small distillery. In fact, Whiskybase.com has only 55 Oban expressions listed (99 if you include different versions of the same expression), which is right around the number of expressions (including versions) bottled by some closed distilleries such as Millburn, Convalmore, Glenury Royal and Glenugie. Unlike them, however, Oban is alive and kicking. Its [Read full post…]

Jun 272015
It's WAY Overpriced - But Darn Good! Finally a Macallan I REALLY Like...

I’m not a huge Macallan fan, and that’s not really a secret, and my disappointment with the new NAS line (Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby) didn’t add points to the brand. I’ve tasted quite a few Macallans (Sherry Oak 12-25, Fine oak 10-25, the full regular retail 1824 Series NAS line, several of the 1824 Collection [Read full post…]

Jun 262015
On that Laphroaig-y Note - Tasting the Laphroaig 25

After comparing the Old and the new Laphroaig 15 year olds (see here) it’s time to go back to the Whisky Show (yes, I’ll be there this year too, and would love to see any of you who might be there!) where I tasted the Laphroaig 25, a curious easy drinker in a rather low [Read full post…]

Jun 252015
Laphroaig 15 - Comparing the Old and the New

Oh, how the wheel turns. In 2009 Laphroaig discontinued the popular 15 year old, and replaced it with the (quite fabulous) 18 year old, leaving the distillery with an irregular aged lineup comprising of the 10, 18 and 25, which if we think of it, is a lineup with rather large gaps in it (7-8 year gap). [Read full post…]

Jun 232015
Lochside Distillery - Short lived and Bitter

Lochside, in the Eastern Highlands, fell silent in 1992, after only 35 years of operation as a distillery, during which time it was owned by MacNab and was producing both grain and malt whisky for the “Sandy MacNab” brand. The distillery was sold in 1972 to Domecq, who used its output for a Spanish market low [Read full post…]

Jun 202015
A Visit to the Milk and Honey Distillery - An Update on Progress and a First Tasting from Barrels

Today’s post will be somewhat different than our regular posts, as it will contain no tasting notes. I’ll use today’s post to update you on the goings on in Israel’s first large scale commercial operation here. I say first, because others are in various stages of starting up, and I think Israel could be moving [Read full post…]

Jun 172015
A 12 Year Old Craigellachie Done Right

My review of the Craigellachie 13 was quite unequivocal about how much I disliked that expression. Today I’ll be reviewing a 12 year old single cask bottled by Wemyss Malts that is one of the most interesting Craigellachie expressions I’ve had, even though it’s somewhat untamed and sits right on the cusp of losing its [Read full post…]