Mar 012015
Jura 1977 - Juar: Can a Port Finish Save an Expression?

It’s no secret that I’m not the greatest fan of Jura whisky. I keep being disappointed again and again, and that’s a shame, as it’s not really the spirit’s fault. At first, I thought it was just the Jura distillate I didn’t like, which is OK, but then I tasted an older style Jura, bottled [Read full post…]

Feb 272015
A Single Cask of Glen Moray - Pure Bourbon Cask Shining

Moving on to the last of the three Old Particular single cask expressions from the Whisky Show, this is classic Speysider in a classic bourbon matured whisky.     The distillery is owned by La Martiniquaise, who bought the distillery from LVMH after their purchase of Glenmorangie, who owned Glen Moray since 1920 (well, they [Read full post…]

Feb 242015
Staying with Nikka Miyagikyo, Reviewing the 15 Year Old

Yesterday I reviewed the Miygikyo 12 and found it just a little too put together. How does the 15 year old fare? Photo Credit: Yesterday’s blind tasting whisky was the Tobermory 10, which I had recently reviewed, so I’m sticking with notes from the London Whisky Show that I didn’t get to yet. Miyagikyo [Read full post…]

Feb 232015
Japan's Nikka Miyagikyo 12 - Could it be Just a Bit Too Perfect?

Israel’s whisky community is now in the midst of the first organized blind tasting organized by Tapuz Wine and Alcohol Forum’s Admin and resident whisky buff Assaf Harel in conjunction with Sitonaut Binyamina, who organizes next month’s Whisky Live Tel Aviv. We got 14 blind samples, and have one revealed each night at 11pm. The first [Read full post…]

Feb 212015
A Surprisingly Lively 20 Year Old Deanston from Douglas Laing

I’m going back to some of the whiskys I had at the whisky show, reviewing a 20 year old Deanston bottled by Douglas Laing under the Old Particular label that was part of the trio I got a sample of to review after the show, since I wasn’t able to properly take notes of these three [Read full post…]

Feb 202015
Port Charlotte at 12 - And A Single Cask At That

Bruichladdich’s Port Charlotte line of heavily peated whiskys is a favorite of peat heads. Keeping with the rather unique emphasis on terroir, the core expressions include the Scottish Barley and the Islay Barley (reviewed here), with the PC series serving an annual release which has migrated into travel retail specials in recent years (currently up [Read full post…]

Feb 182015
Caol Ila 25 - Maturity Suits this Dram Well!

Caol Ila (which means “The sound of Islay” in Gaelic) is one of the main signature malts in the Diageo blends, but not only as a peated whisky. We all know that Caol Ila produces unpeated whisky, as there’s a (now) annual release of this unpeated whisky as part of the annual Special Releases by [Read full post…]

Feb 172015
The Islands come together in the Rock Oyster Vatted Malt

It’s no secret that I’m curious about vatted malts (and no secret that I’m somewhat of a holdout on calling them “blended malts”, in compliance with the SWA’s decree). While this category was completely abandoned by the big corporations, the independent bottlers have definitely come into this category, and are in the midst of an [Read full post…]

Feb 162015
Aultmore 25 - Nice Whisky but £300??? Get a Grip, Bacardi!!

This post completes the current Aultmore trilogy, as the future holds a release of a 30 and a 35 year old expressions. To this point, we have explored the Aultmore 12 (and loved it), and the travel retail exclusive 21 year old (and was less than blown away), which brings us to the 25 year [Read full post…]

Feb 142015
Aultmore 21 - Not as good as the 12 Year Old in a Milestone Post

This is a milestone post for Malt and Oak, as today’s post is our 200th. I did a year in numbers post on December 31st, so I’ll spare you the numbers recap, but will take this opportunity to thank you for your readership, feedback and engagement!! On to the whisky now….I’m tasting the new Bacardi [Read full post…]