Apr 242015
Following the Helsinki 1930s Tasting - A Finnish Single Malt from Teerenpeli

When my friend Henrik told me last Saturday about the crazy 1930s tasting his Finnish Whisky Club (VYS) is having, I asked him to write about it. He wrote a beautiful article and published it here, but before all that, he sent me samples of three Finnish whiskys. Two from the Teerenpeli distillery and an [Read full post…]

Apr 232015
Back to the 1930s - Finnish Fellowship of Whisky Tasting - Guest Post by Henrik Malmberg

To start with I can tell you that the tasting was held in Finnish capital of Helsinki by our whisky club, The Fellowship of Whisky (VYS, Viskin Ystävien Seura), and this was the 14th tasting in a series called “The Rare and Old”. We did a similar tasting about two years ago, with the title “War [Read full post…]

Apr 202015
Tomatin's Second Cù Bòcan Cask Maturation Series - Virgin Oak

Last year, Tomatin began the release of of a “Wood Influence” showcase series for the Cù Bòcan peated whisky, whose standard edition includes whisky matured in sherry, virgin oak and ex bourbon casks. I reviewed the sherry cask release here, and now head into virgin oak territory. It’s refreshing to see what Tomatin is doing with [Read full post…]

Apr 192015
Tobermory 20 from the Whiskybroker - Taking Spices New Places

After a busy week, it’s back to another Whiskybroker expression, this time from the Isle of Mull and its single, two branded distillery – Tobermory. I introduced the Whiskybroker in depth in the Springbank post, so with no further ado, I’ll head to the tasting notes on this lovely Tobermory. Whiskybroker Tobermory 20 Year Old – [Read full post…]

Apr 132015
An Indie Springbank 18 Year Old - Sherry Meets More Peat Than expected

I’ve been tasting quite a few Whiskybroker bottlings lately (with reviews of a Tobermory 20, Arran 18 and Linkwood 24 on their way) and , and last night opened my latest acquisition from that independent bottler, an 18 year old Springbank which came out of a sherry hogshead. The Whiskybroker is really just that, and [Read full post…]

Apr 122015
A Tormore to Remember - Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2015 Special Bottling

Tormore is one of those distilleries that have no real fans. With official bottlings that were put out sporadically and not really marketed, despite there being a new 16 year old bottled at 48% and non chill filtered out on the market for over a year (the other OB is a 14 year old bottled [Read full post…]

Apr 032015
A Seven Year Old Craigelleachie - Whisky Live Tel Aviv 2015 Bottling

There’s some real history being made here. In the summer there were a couple of travel retail exclusive bottlings for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport (and you can see my review of the controversial Aultmore XO, and there was also a Craigellechie 18 I didn’t get to taste), but those are limited to people flying [Read full post…]

Apr 012015
SWA Moves to Change Non Single Cask "Single Malt" to "Vatted Malt" - New Regulations to Prohibit Re-Casking During Maturation

In July, your favorite single malt may not be a single malt scotch whisky anymore! In a highly controversial move, the SWA voted at the close of business yesterday by a very slim majority to prohibit re-casking of single malt whisky during maturation, beginning 1 July 2015. All currently maturing single malt stock is to be [Read full post…]

Mar 312015
This Time I Got the Notes!! Old Pulteney Limited Edition 1990 Vintage Peated Cask

I tasted this excellent expression at the Whisky Show in London, but didn’t get to take down my tasting notes for it. Happily, it featured in the VIP lounge at Whisky Live Tel Aviv 2015, and this time I got the notes. I like Old Pulteney whiskys, although I have not yet tasted their whole [Read full post…]

Mar 302015
Velvet Fig - Wemyss' Vatted Malt is a Winner

My affinity and curiosity (and often disappointment) from vatted malts is well known to my readers, as making a really good vatted malt, one that truly highlights what each of the different malts brings into the blend is a true feat of art. Also well known is my disdain for the inevitable “best ____ whisky of [Read full post…]