Jul 302015
A Glengoyne Special Edition - In a Rum Cask

From time to time, you can find a one off special bottling, being either a special cask or a finish, coming from the distillery. Today’s expression is just one of those, from Glengoyne and tomorrow we’ll taste a special 10 year old Aberlour, finished in a sherry cask. This expression is a 10 year old (May [Read full post…]

Jul 272015
The Bygone Glengoyne

It’s been almost three years since Glengoyne has totally revamped the middle of its lineup. Until fall of 2012, the lineup was 10 (review), 12 (review), Cask Strength 12 (here), 17 and 21 (here) year olds. In 2012, the 17 year old was discontinued, replaced by an 18 year old (see review), the Cask Strength 12 went [Read full post…]

Jul 232015
Springbank and Jamaican Rum...A Match Made in Heaven

The cage at the Cadenhead’s shop in Campbeltown holds endless wonders, many of them single barrels bottled for sale at the shop or held in a cask to bottle your own cask. My friend Yori has two bottles of Jamaican rum matured Springbank. The first is a Springbank matured in a Jamaican rum barrel and the [Read full post…]

Jul 202015
Did You Get to Choose A Single Cask Springbank to be Bottled for Your 18th Birthday?

Potstill is Vienna’s premier whisky shop, and to celebrate owner Mario Prinz’s daughter Briana’s 18th birthday the shop bottled a single barrel bottling of a lovely 17 year old Springbank which Briana herself chose. The bottle was distilled in her birth year and bottled before her birthday from a refill sherry cask. This isn’t a [Read full post…]

Jul 182015
Springbank and Port...You Can't Really Go Wrong!

Springbank’s craft approach to making whisky is legendary. Some of the expressions coming out of the distillery are downright fabulous. Besides the excellent core expressions (with a special mention given to the 12 Year Old Cask Strength and the phenomenal 15 Year Old), there is the fascinating Wood Expressions series where the spirit is matured [Read full post…]

Jul 172015
A Longrow Not Quite There...

Longrow is Springbank’s peated line of whisky. It’s distilled in a regular double distillation (as opposed to Springbank’s partial triple and Hazelburn’s triple distillations) and is peated to 50-55 ppm. Longrow comprises about 10% of Springbank’s rather small production. In 2014, Springbank was operating at about 20% of its full capacity, producing only 130,000 liters [Read full post…]

Jul 152015
Craigellachie Coming Through With a Lovely Sherry Bomb

It’s well known that Gordon and MacPhail has their own approach to barrels. They source their own casks, with a specialty in sherry casks from Jerez, and have them filled at the distilleries. They currently own some 35,000 casks maturing in Elgin, at Benromach and in various distilleries. G&M bottles about 1000 casks every year. [Read full post…]

Jul 132015
A Glenrothes Single Cask that will Stun Your Senses

Adelphi Distillery is a great independent bottler, started in 1993 by James Walker, who is the great grandson of Archibald Walker who owned the original Adelphi, which operated in Glasgow until 1902 (or 1907). Research on the older history has been frustrating, as there seems to be no definitive history timeline, but that doesn’t really change [Read full post…]

Jul 122015
Is There a Distillery You Just Say "Meh" When You See It? Maybe You Shouldn't....

There is a fundamental difference between single malt whisky for blending and whisky for drinking, and I think Glenrothes embodies it in their “regular” single malts. They’re ordinary. Not bad whisky, just rather ordinary. On the other hand, for blenders, this single malt is a delight, designated “top class” for blending. Indeed, it plays a [Read full post…]

Jul 102015
Put a Complex Speysider in a Pedro Ximénez Cask....

Independent bottlings of Cragganmore are not plentiful, and this particular one expression is two casks (1903 and 1904) that underwent a finish in a Pedro Ximénez cask by independent bottler Wilson & Morgan of Edinburgh. Despite being almost the lowest selling Classic Malts brand Diageo has (Glenkinchie is less popular), it is touted as the [Read full post…]