Dec 182014
Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve - The Japanese go NAS, and the Result Might Surprise You!

The Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve is the new entry level NAS Yamazaki, now placed at the €50 mark the Yamazaki 12 occupied not too long ago. This is an excellent Speyside impostor that will have you wondering if Yamazaki and Glenlivet aren’t working together.  It’s young. In fact, Suntory says that it was created to showcase [Read full post…]

Dec 172014
So Japanese Whisky is What you Crave? Yamazaki 12 Whisky Review

Yamazaki needs no introductions. Japan’s first single malt distillery has been active since 1923. The Japanese market is fascinating as Japanese distillers don’t share stocks, thus each one needs to create all the different whiskys they need for blending. Consequently,  the stillhouse at Yamazaki has short onion stills capable of making beefy and sulfury new [Read full post…]

Dec 162014
Provenance Speyburn 8 - Douglas Laing in Israel

If you need any proof of Israel joining the global whisky scene, you need to look no further than the whisky news on the local scene. Whisky Live, which had its first show in Tel Aviv last March, shocked organizers with a very high attendance. Whisky Live Tel Aviv 2015 has been extended to three [Read full post…]

Dec 142014
Laphroaig An Cuan Mor - a Wintry Dram

At long last, we have a wintry day in Tel Aviv, and that put me in the mood for some Laphroig. I’m sure some of you will laugh to hear that winter here means intermittent rain and 15C degrees (59F), but for us this is a winter wonderland One of the newer Laphroaig expressions limited [Read full post…]

Dec 122014
Two Happy Occasions Coincide: My 500th Single Malt and 45th Birthday Dram - Glenfarclas 1969 Family Cask

About a month and a half ago, I gave my friend and fellow blogger Yoav access to the list of whiskys I had tasted, which I had just moved onto the computer. After an hour or so Yoav tells me that he has a challenge for me. He noticed the list was at 460 and my birthday was [Read full post…]

Dec 112014
Macallan Ruby - The Modern Take on the Classic Sherry Macallans of Old

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my birthday, and start my 46th orbit around our local star. Incidentally, my birthday dram (to be reviewed tomorrow) will also be my 500th single malt. In the meantime, we’ll be closing out my 45th year with a review of the Macallan Ruby. The Macalla Ruby is comprised of 100% first [Read full post…]

Dec 102014
The Third Rung in the 1824 Range and the Best of them - Macallan Sienna Whisky Tasting Notes

The third expression in the 1824 series is the Sienna. The Sienna has more European oak and more first fill American oak than the Amber and the Gold. We’re not at 100% first fill sherry, but we’re getting there. The casks are sherry seasoned with Oloroso Sherry. It’s worth noting that these casks were never [Read full post…]

Dec 082014
Macallan Amber: Rung 2 in the 1824 Series and a Look at Macallan's Expansion Plans

The Amber is the second rung up in the 1824 range. In this expression, second fill sherry casks still get mixed in, and the casks are a combination of American and European oak casks. I mentioned that this series is to honor of the new distillery that will replace the current facility. The current Macallan [Read full post…]

Dec 072014
Macallan 1824 Series: The Macallan Gold Whisky Tasting Notes

This past week The Edrington Group  announced that work has begun on Macallan’s new £100 million distillery. To honor that, I’ll dedicate this week to Macallan. But I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m not a huge Macallan fan and have never been. The Macallan isn’t even in my top 10 distilleries, nevertheless, Macallan used to be a standard [Read full post…]

Dec 052014
Big Peat: Tasting Notes for a Blended Malt that is a Brand

Despite it being 24°C in Tel Aviv, and winter seeming to be worlds away, it’s deep winter in most of the Northern hemisphere and everybody is gearing up for Christmas (or Hanukkah). Nothing spells winter more than a nice peated whisky, and so we check out the most recent addition to Israel’s whisky scene, Big Peat [Read full post…]