Oct 222014
A Glenfarclas Like No Other! Glenfarclas Port Cask

Glenfarclas are known for their almost religious traditionalism, sticking with sherry and bourbon casks and staunchly opposing new ideas such as finishes. However, every once in a while, a non traditional gem pops up. When I say non traditional, I only mean that it’s a cask that you don’t traditionally see, because even the whisky [Read full post...]

Oct 202014
The Balvenie Tun 1509 - The Old Was Popular, This One Should Be Also Available

The Balvenie Tun 1401 was extremely popular among aficionados over its 9 batches, actually reaching cult status. The problem was that there was just not that much of it to go around… A tenth batch was prepared by David Stewart but was scrapped as plans for 1509 were put into motion. Tun 1509 is four [Read full post...]

Oct 182014
The Devil is Back....In the Casks: Bowmore Devil's Casks II

After yesterday’s short break to taste the first Israeli single malt whisky, it’s back to drams I tasted at TWE’s London Whisky Show: I guess nobody at Bowmore read the endearing “I Capture the Castle” by Dodi Smith where she states that “The Devil’s out of fashion“, because at Bowmore, the devil is very much [Read full post...]

Oct 172014
Single Malt Micro Distilling in Israel - The Attic

Milk and Honey (@milkhoneywhisky), the only distillery to make it into the Malt Whisky Yearbook before it even had a building, will be Israel’s real start up distillery, with two full size stills (9,000 and 3,500 liters) and some very serious people behind it. Incidentally, it’s located about two miles from my home, in Tel [Read full post...]

Oct 162014
Mortlach Rare Old - A Whisky That's Actually Neither Rare Nor Old

Tonight will be a Mortlach night! Five whisky crazed friends are getting together at my house to share five premium bottles of Mortlach and in honor of this event, I’ll post my notes on the Mortlach Rare and Old I tasted at the Show in London. The show featured the Rare Old and the 25, [Read full post...]

Oct 152014
The Balblair Sherry Bomb - Balblair 2000 - Single Cask Oloroso Sherry

After completing my reports on the three days of TWE’s Whisky Show (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3), I turn to the show exclusives. You’d think the highlight of those would be the two Karuizawa releases by ONE, but they’re not. It’s actually this Balblair that came of of nowhere. There were 588 bottles [Read full post...]

Oct 142014
Day Three of the Whisky Show - Relaxed Intensivity In London

If you think day three started with a queue, you’d be wrong…..Not that there wasn’t one, there was, and it was raining. But before that, we had a blogger get together at a coffee shop in Vinopolis. It was great to chat with fellow bloggers, and finally connect the actual people to their @twitter handles. [Read full post...]

Oct 122014
Day One Was Great, Day Two Was Even Better!!  -  Report on the 2014 Whisky Show

Day two started, obviously, with a queue I figured the line would be shorter on the second day, since there were still tickets available, so I allowed myself to get to Vinopolis just a tad later. In actuality, the line was longer and I stood further back in it, but it wasn’t raining and I [Read full post...]

Oct 102014
London's TWE Whisky Show 2014 - All the Malt (and Oak) You Could Dream Of....

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s standing in line and waiting, or as the British so aptly call it (and do it) “queuing”. Yet, I queued….and queued….and loved every minute of it. The Whisky Show in London is a great reason to stand in a queue and I did so gladly despite the rain [Read full post...]

Oct 072014
Octomore 06.3 Islay Barley - A Farmer, His Niece and A Whisky

I spent the last weekend catching up with all that’s new in the world of whisky at London’s The Whisky Exchange’s Whisky Show. The show runs for two days, with the third day being a trade day, a quieter, more relaxed day with time to chat with the people from the industry. There were also [Read full post...]