Sep 282015
Port Ellen Series - Post IX: Closing the Port Ellen Series with a Fetching Teenager

Fittingly, I’m ending the Port Ellen series with a dram shared with me by my friend Henrik, who also shared the Port Ellen dram that kicked this series off. This will also be my last post before returning from The Whisky Show, as I’ll be traveling to Scotland for a few days before the show. [Read full post…]

Sep 252015
Port Ellen Series - Post VIII: The Most AMAZING Port Ellen

Like Brora, Port Ellen was only operational for 15-16 years before being finally closed in 1983. For Brora, it was simply making the old Clynelish distillery operational again as a temporary measure to make peated whisky while Islay was suffering from a drought. Port Ellen had been, before two more still were added in 1966, mothballed [Read full post…]

Sep 222015
Port Ellen Series - Post VII: Diageo's 6th Annual Release

I think overall, this is my favorite expression of them all and with no further ado, the tasting notes:   Port Ellen 6th Annual Release (2006), Vintage 1978, 27 Year old (54.2% ABV, NCF, NC) Appearance: Gold, very thin and slow legs coming off a long lasting ring. Nose: The peat is, by far, the most pronounced in the [Read full post…]

Sep 192015
Port Ellen Series - Post VI: Diageo's 5th Annual Release

The 5th release is the third 1979 vintage in the series, with the 1st release presenting a 22 year old, the 3rd release (reviewed here) with a 24 year old and now the 5th with a 25 year old. This annual alternation between the 1979 and 1978 vintage goes on upto, and through, the 11th release, [Read full post…]

Sep 162015
Port Ellen Series - Post V: Diageo's 4th Annual Release

The 4th release of 2004 was where Diageo started reducing the number of bottles toward today’s standard of almost 3,000 bottles, although there were exceptions to that (it seems like the desired level for those years was around 5,000 bottles, with the 6th not quite making it there). It seems that the 1st release was [Read full post…]

Sep 142015
Port Ellen Series - Post IV: Diageo's 3rd Annual Release

The 3rd annual release came in 2003, and is still a 24 year old, this time distilled in 1979. In 2003, alongside the Port Ellen 3rd release came a 50 year old Glenury Royal (it was priced then at £950), a 32 year old Oban, distilled in 1969 (one that I’ve been trying to get a [Read full post…]

Sep 132015
Port Ellen Series - Post III: Diageo's 2nd Annual Release

My friend Eitan Tamir is an Israeli expat living in Helsinki, where they throw the most crazy whisky tastings on a regular basis. He went to a tasting of five Port Ellen official releases, the Second through the sixth releases. Conveniently, he was coming to Tel Aviv the following week, so I bought a virtual [Read full post…]

Sep 112015
Flight of the Port Ellens - Part II

We continue Port Ellen week with a 27 year old from Belgian independent bottler The Nectar of the Daily Drams. I had this quaint dram as part of a private Islay Festival tasting Yori and I held in Tel Aviv in late May. Nectar of the Daily Drams 1982 Port Ellen, 27 Year Old (53% ABV, NCF, [Read full post…]

Sep 092015
Celebrating 300 Posts in Style: 1978 Port Ellen

WOW, this 300th post kind of sneaked up on me. In my mind, I was somewhere past 200 posts in this blog, sharing the more interesting parts of my whisky journey. But the 200th post was published on February 14th, 2015 (we tasted the Aultmore 21), and here we are at another milestone. Again, let me [Read full post…]

Sep 082015
The Pride of Speyside in Cask Strength

Douglas Laing recently launched the ‘Remarkable Regional Malts’ as an umbrella brand for the vatted/blended malts combining the highly popular Islay Big Peat with The Speyside Scallywag, Timorous Beastie from the Highlands and the maritime Rock Oyster from the Islands. Together with a new website (and online store), Douglas Laing has launched a video for the [Read full post…]