Sep 072015

In Gaelic, càirdeas means friendship, and while it comes out around the Islay Festival, it’s not technically part of it, rather it’s a Friends of Laphroaig release, and is thus produced in large numbers and is available off of the island as well.

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The Origin is Laphroaig’s 2012 edition, and I think it’s the best of them.

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Laphroaig Càirdeas Origin (51.2% ABV, NCF)

Appearance: Dark gold, thin and quick legs.

Nose: First on the nose is the smoke, but it has a sweetness to it. Orange, somewhat waxy – like an orange candle, roses and carnations, nutmeg. After time, light perfume, spices, and some vanilla.

Palate: Laphroaig with the classic smoke, a sweet layer of honey and a bitter citrus layer.

Linger: Smoky grapefruit, light ground pepper with some tartness on the side of the tongue.


Good stuff! This is so clearly Laphroaig, with the most delightful bitterness, and pretty close to the 10.

Origin indeed!

This is Yori’s favorite dram, and always one he’s happy to pour when you visit! Slainte!