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Part of the Facebook event launching the Scallywag Cask Strength #2, we were treated to a few other whiskies from the Douglas Laing collection of Speyside malts, the highlight of which were a very young Dailuaine sherry bomb, and this quite dignified Aberlour.

Not a distillery whos independent bottlings are awash in the market, and with the official distillery style being clearly geared toward sherry matured whisky, finding a well aged bourbon matured Aberlour isn’t the easiest thing, but when they come along, they’re a pretty sight. I tasted, and got a bottle, of a much younger ex bourbonĀ Aberlour from the SMWS (54.33). It was only 10 years old, but might have easily developed to be a beauty like this 21 year old.

As always, the whisky is meticulously selected and really showcases a side of the distillery we don’t see that often.

Photo Credit: masterofmalt.com

Photo Credit: masterofmalt.com

Douglas Laing Old Particular Aberlour 21 Years Old, DistilledĀ September 1992, Bottled August 2014, Refill Hogshead, DL10436, 331 Bottles (51.5% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: gold within legs coming off a pretty sturdy necklace.

Nose: a floral bouquet with honey and some nutmeg or allspice sprinkled above. Oak shavings, baking pound cake, and a surprising sweet freshness reminiscent of a waft of the honeysuckle fill the background.

Palate: Grapefruit, honey and a wave of spicy pepper which then receives to a light dry citrusy sweetness with some orange peel.

Linger: citrus bitterness, mead, white pepper leaving a spicy tingle in the mouth. The linger is long with hints of chocolate and faint barley sugar remaining with the spice throughout the mouth.


This is a delicate and beautiful 21-year-old highlighting the beauty that a good refill Bourbon cask can impart on good spirit. Complex with sweetness, spice, fruit and that lovely bitter note, it is a stunning dram.

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