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Ledaig is the brand name for the peated whisky produced by the Tobermory distillery on Mull. The distillery is not one with a very large number of core expressions. In fact, each of the two brands only have two core expressions. Tobermory has the 10 year old and the (excellent) 15 year old, and Ledaig has the 10 year old and the very new (and one I have not yet tasted) 18 year old with an Oloroso finish. Additionally, two 42 year old editions were released in the past year – a Ledaig and a Tobermory, to celebrate the replacement of the stills in the distillery, which were installed in 1972, with the liquid in both bottles coming from the first distillations performed in the new stills. I have tasted the 42 year old Tobermory, and plan on getting hold of a sample of the Ledaig too.

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Tobermory has been inactive for long periods during its history. After being founded in 1798 by John Sinclair, the distillery was closed for 88 years, first from 1837 to 1878 then from 1930 to 1972 and at last from 1982 through 1989. But the distillery survived prohibition and the whisky loch, and emerged as a strong member of the Burn Stewart trinity led by Ian Macmillan. The current production is divided 50/50 between the peated Ledaig and the unpeated Tobermory.

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Ledaig 15 – Pre 2007 Bottling (43% ABV)

Appearance: Gold, thin and quick legs.

Nose: Fruity over gentle peat. Baked apples, gentle sweet spice, and some canned fruit.

Palate: Honey and white pepper with peat, cooked fruit and a gentle Lemony note.

Linger: Long linger. Peat without the medicinal notes, a slightly sweet bitterness and a very dry peat note on the top of the gullet.


This is a real peek into older style whiskies. It’s chill filtered, colored and bottled at 43%, yet has a fruity richness that compliments the peat beautifully.

Thanks Torben, for this lovely blast from the past. Skål 🙂

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