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This week has been dedicated to the Glendronach distillery, reviewing the full core. We’ll continue the reviews of the special finishes over the weekend, taking a break today to review the Glendronach Single Cask 2002 Fresh PX Puncheon, which is a special Dutch edition bottled for De Wijnproevers.

This bottle was distilled a mere 50 days after the reopening of the distillery in 2002. The main difference is that the gentle smokiness is gone, as the distillery no longer dried its own malt, switching to commercially

This sample was shared with me by my friend Joris. Thanks and slainte!!

Glendronach 10 Years Old Single Cask 2002 Fresh PX Puncheon, Distilled 3.7.2002, Bottled 10.2012 1/777 bottles (50% ABV, NCF, NC)

Color: Mahogany, legs are very fast.

Nose: Dried fruit galore, demerara sugar, milk chocolate, Christmas spice cake, warm spices, nuts and some maltiness is still on the nose. After about 15 minutes dark chocolate and very sweet spices, almost like a spices sangria appear together with cinnamon.

Palate: On the palate you still get the youngish spirit with very chewy malt, dried fruit – especially prunes – and cloves.

Linger: Long alcoholic linger with some mild tartness on the inside of the cheeks and sweet spice on the tongue.



Single casks are a great way to explore sides of distilleries you don’t normally see. Like with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottlings, these are glimpses into threads in the creation of the core expressions, and great drams regardless.


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  1. My only regret is, that I sold 2 bottles of this wonderful whisky 🙁

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