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GlenDronach single casks are always fun to try, especially those that are bottled for specific shops. Those tend to be well selected, and with the 1995 GlenDronach casks, that’s a good thing, since as the distillery was nearing being mothballed, the casks were spottier. This one, however, is definitely not!

It is, however, a bit funny, as it was filled a mere three days before hitting 19 years of age, and I’m really curious as to the timing, not that it really makes a difference to anything but the label. I’ve just never seen such a proximity (I’ve seen a few weeks, but not three days).

On the other hand, we’re here for the liquid, so what difference does it really make, right?


Photo Credit: Amshop.de

GlenDronach 18 Year Old, 1995 Pedro Ximénez Puncheon 1732, Bottled for premiumcask.de, Batch 2, Distilled 1.5.1995, Bottled 28.4.2014 (54.6%)

Appearance: Bronze, sturdy necklace, thin legs and a lot of residue.

Nose: A fruity sherry with some dried and red fruit. Wood, wood spices and cigar smoke with citrus blooms and a hint of smokiness. Nutmeg appears with a touch of water as does some molasses.

Palate: Hot cinnamon, some tobacco and dried fruit. This has a lovely palate. Sweetness is replaced by some complex spices, and some stewed fresh fruit.

Linger: Spice and bittersweet chocolate, with a dryness all around the gullet and back of the mouth.


GlenDronach 1995s are a gamble. You’ll get some great ones and some mediocre ones. This one was an excellent choice. It’s not overly complex, but it delivers what you’d expect from a great sherry bomb!

Thank you Thorsten for the sample!

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  1. The reason is, that the whisky would not have become better within three more days in the cask, but the cask would have been much more expensive to buy… O:)
    Very best regards from Germany,

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