Ben Nevis 1997 – Grindlay’s Selection (52.6%)

Amid the barrage of NAS expressions flooding the market, a new independent bottler has begun operating in Ranadale, Scotland, and from the looks of that first run of offerings, we can expect some great stuff to come¬†out in his Grindlay’s Selection Single Cask Release. The initial offering consists of four single casks:

Initial Grindlay's Offering

Initial Grindlay’s Offering

There is a 1997 Ben Nevis I review here, a 1996 Glentauchers, 2006 Craigellachie and 1996 Dailuaine. All are bottled at cask strength and range from the decade between 1996 and 2006 (or 19 to 9 years old).

George Grindlay worked in the industry for 36 years both at Diageo and as general manager of Tomatin before opening his own operation. I expect those deep ties in the industry to yield some seriously interesting casks ūüôā


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Grindlay’s Selection Ben Nevis 1997, Distilled¬†24/1/1997, Cask 33, Yield 228 Bottles (52.6% ABV, NCF, NC)

Appearance: Light bronze, very thin legs coming off a rather sturdy necklace.

Nose: Big hit of vanilla, quite a bit of oak and a slightly vegetal note. Some dryness on the nose, with a bit of wet wood, heather honey and baking bread.

Palate: Spicy (white pepper and clove), with that same vegetal note I was getting on the nose, followed by some sweetness with citrus rind bitterness. It’s almost chalky on the palate. It gets spicier as you get through the dram.

Linger: Bitter orange peel with some pepper, and spices running down the gullet. After a bit, you’ll get some sweetness creeping into the spice, a little like the aftertaste of sweet chili sauce. The spice in the finish stays with you for a while, and will throw in some sweet notes for a while.


This is an interesting cask from a distillery I don’t get to taste all that often. At ¬£95, the pricing seems to be about where the market is today (which is a sad commentary on the state of the market today, but it is what it is) . There’s much promise for the other three single cask sample, which I’ll review here over¬†the next few days.

Official sample by Scotland Grindlay.



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  1. Bill says:

    Love Ben, so where/when will this be available?

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