Mar 142021
Kilchoman Cask 217/2013 Calvados Finish for the Omef (55.8%)

Kilchoman is one of a growing number of distilleries who do not sell casks for independent bottlers, and keep the bottling of all casks within the distillery. Nevertheless, Kilchoman is happy to do private bottlings, so long as they’re bottled by them. For many distilleries, single casks are the way to get the interesting stuff. [Read full post…]

Mar 042021
M&H Apex Series Review (Cognac, White Wine, Rum and Pomegranate Wine Casks)

I really have to open with major kudos for M&H Master Distiller Tomer Goren. The level of craft in balancing these Apex offering is outstanding. They each have character, without being outlandish, and they’re each deserving of the Apex designation. You’ll each have a favorite of the four, but you’ll be happy with each of [Read full post…]

Feb 102021
Isle of Raasay Virgin Chinkapin Oak Cask Selection - A First Look at the Distillery

Isle of Raasay is a relatively new Inner Hebrides distillery founded by Alasdair Day, which began distilling in September 2017. As this is the first in a series of three posts, we’ll further discuss the distillery’s distinctive approach in the next posts. Since we have three sets of matching casks exploring unpeated and peated single [Read full post…]

Feb 032021
M&H Winston Whisky Private Cask 2017/150 (57.2%)

Steven Winston is a Scotsman living in Tel Aviv, who’s interest in a few bottles of whisky from the local M&H Distillery turned into a single cask. It’s my understanding that Steven has since purchased another cask, which will also be offered for sale privately by him. The whisky matured first in bourbon casks, and [Read full post…]

Dec 142020
Two Dràm Mòr 9 Year Old Glenrothes, Muscatel and Spanish Red Wine Finishes

I have to be honest about the state of the industry, and this general comment has nothing to do with the specific bottler or these bottles.  I’ll just come out and say it: I’m really happy I’m not an independent bottler at this junction. What we’re seeing out there from most independent bottlers (at least [Read full post…]